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About Espressa Dagenham

Espressa has every kind of food style you can think of. With the variety of dishes ranging from pizzas, salads, and ice cream among other items; you can expect to find an item that suits you. The dishes that we have undergone a meticulous and skilful preparation process. The contents of every plate are thus the perfect embodiment of exceptionalism. You can find dishes that are pan-fried, escalloped, drizzled or even caramelized. The menu is a collection of international flavours and styles. All the dishes that we have are bound to please even the most demanding palates. We do not just serve great food though as we also have an amazing hospitality service. You will find our team to be talented and enthusiastic. The objective of our restaurant is to put smiles on our customers. You can expect every single aspect of our service to change your day for the better. Espressa is a place where food lovers come to share and enjoy the best dishes. The great service and magnificent dishes are part of the character of our restaurant. We are an iconic establishment that is known for its long-standing ability to provide only the best. Come and create fantastic memories at our great restaurant.

Espressa Dagenham Restaurant

Visit us today at 673 Green Lane, Dagenham Essex RM8 1UU area. We are a landmark restaurant in the city and our dishes are enjoyed by many. We have the best selection of pizza, kebab, burger takeaway dishes that can be enjoyed during all seasons. Our restaurant provides customers with various services and a fast delivery service is available for all those within our reaches. We have mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play to make it easy for our customers to make orders. Our restaurant is always on top of the game when it comes to hospitality. Order today for an unforgettable experience.

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